The Defense Research Institute or “DRI” is the leading national organization for civil defense attorneys and consists of over 20,000 lawyers nationwide. It is comprised of multiple subdivisions that address all areas of civil litigation, including medical malpractice defense. Recently, LKG attorney Ashley Brown was appointed DRI Young Lawyer’s Steering Marketing Subcommittee Vice Chair. Attorney Brown is a 2018 graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School, where she also obtained her MBA. In her short time as an attorney, Ashley has already developed a reputation as a hardworking, astute attorney that is litigation savvy and willing to fight zealously for her clients. Her appointment to a leadership position with the nation’s most preeminent civil defense organization is a testament to her skill and rising clout within the legal community, both in Wisconsin and nationally. It also demonstrates LKG’s commitment to ensuring their clients are represented by attorneys who are dedicated to their field and specialty.