Leib Knott Gaynor is pleased to announce the hiring of two recent Marquette University Law School Graduates, Marisa Cullotta and Daniel Kafka.

Marisa was Leib Knott Gaynor’s first law clerk. She is a first-generation lawyer who decided to go to law school not only because she exhibited a knack for creative arguments as a child, but because she wants to stand up for those in a time when they need it most. Marisa specifically wants to practice medical malpractice because it combines her fascination with the medical field with her passion for legal analysis and arguments. Marisa earned her bachelor’s degree in English Literature with a Certificate in Digital Studies from the University of Wisconsin Madison (B.A., 2020).

Daniel is a first-generation college graduate as well as a first-generation lawyer. He served in the U.S. Army from 2009 to 2013, serving one combat deployment in Kunar, Afghanistan (2010 – 2011). As a young man his family said he should become a lawyer because of how much he liked to argue about nuanced things. In the sixth grade his grandfather provided a copy of the LSAT preparation book, perhaps as a joke, but Daniel was intrigued and started studying. As time passed more recognized his talent and encouraged him to pursue a career in law. He observed examples of injustices especially with the people he cared for and one day made the decision to start. Prior to law school, Daniel earned his bachelor’s degree with a double major in Political Science (pre-law minor) and Italian Language and Cultural Studies (sí, parlo Italiano) from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee (B.A., 2018).