The COVID-19 situation continues to present uncertainty within the general and legal community, courts and clients, especially in regards to trials, depositions, deadlines and meetings. The aim of this policy is to balance the commitment of Leib Knott Gaynor LLC (LKG) to the safety, health and well-being of all of its employees with the needs of our clients, demands of our cases and the requirements of the courts.

Strict adherence to this policy is necessary to maintain the safety, health and well being of our employees and clients.

To manage social distancing and to return-to-work safely, staff have been designated into three teams: The designation of “teams” is for scheduling only and it is understood that many employees work for multiple partners.


LKG requires that each employee take his/her temperature each morning. By entering LKG’s premises, each employee is attesting and declaring: (1) they do not have a heightened temperature; (2) to the best of their knowledge and belief, they do not have COVID-19 nor do they have symptoms that are related to COVID-19; (3) they do not feel ill; and (4) to the best of their knowledge and belief, they have not been exposed to any individual within the last 14 (fourteen days) that has COVID-19.


No LKG member should enter the LKG offices, under any circumstance, if they are ill, regardless of the nature of the illness. Testing for COVID19 or the anti-bodies is encouraged but is not required by LKG at this time. If an LKG member has been exposed to COVID19, they are not permitted to enter the LKG offices. For purposes of this policy, “exposed” means residing with a person who has either been tested and confirmed to have COVID19 or has demonstrated signs or symptoms identified by the CDC as consistent with COVID19, e.g. cough, shortness of breath, fever. In addition, “exposed” shall constitute being in contact with a person known to have been diagnosed with COVID19 or having been contacted by the health department advising of exposure.


No person, whether an LKG member or the public, shall enter the LKG offices at any time without the wearing of a face covering. Acceptable face covering:

a. Cloth face masks used or typically identified as N95, surgical masks or “PPE” that are secured to the face and covering nose and mouth;

b. A scarf over the nose and mouth IS NOT ACCEPTABLE;

c. The requirement of face masks applies AT ANY TIME whether during normal working hours, after hours, or weekends;

d. The exception to the requirement to wear face masks while on the premises of LKG is only when an individual is within their own personal office provided their door is closed. However, upon leaving their personal office, the face mask must be worn;

e. Face masks must be worn when two or more LKG members are together, while maintaining physical distancing consistent with this policy;

f. Face masks should be worn in the Phoenix Building at all times whether in the elevator, stairways, hallways or bathrooms.

g. If an individual does not have a face mask, please notify the partners and one will be provided.


LKG’s offices will be cleaned and disinfected consistent with the following:

a. COMMON AREAS: The kitchen, conference rooms, copy machine areas, handles, door knobs, light switches, chairs and other surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected twice per day;

i. As LKG members use common areas during the day, e.g. the kitchen or copy area, disinfectant wipes should be used on the touched/handled surfaces after use. Disinfectant wipes will be available in those locations;

ii. The dishwasher will be run at the end of each day and replaced in the cupboards each morning.

b. PERSONAL OFFICES: Each LKG member is expected to clean and disinfect their personal offices each day on arrival and prior to leaving. Clean and disinfect, door knobs, light switches; key boards, touch screens and desk areas.


Individuals are most at risk to being exposed To COVID 19 in common areas. In addition to wearing masks, social distancing and cleaning and disinfecting:

a. ENTRY/LOBBY: Critical to the safety and health of LKG members is regulation of the entry into LKG offices.

i. All doors are to remain locked. LKG members need to have their keys with them when they come and go, unless someone is staffing the front desk;

ii. No vendor or client may enter the offices without a mask on. When dealing with vendors, arrangements should be made for them to meet the LKG member at the door and leave the delivery, rather than enter the office;

iii. If a vendor has a large delivery, the LKG member should meet them at the door, insure they have a mask and then accompany them (with physical distancing) in and out of the LKG premises;

iv. When the reception desk is not staffed, a vendor should be required to call when they arrive.

v. Signage will be placed at the front door advising the vendor of a phone number to call for delivery.

b. KITCHEN: No more than one person should be in the kitchen at a time.

i. Disinfect the knobs, handles and other surfaces you have touched after use;

ii. LKG members are required to keep food and drink in their personal offices, unless refrigeration is needed.

iii. Do not keep food or drink in the refrigerator over night;

iv. All refrigerated items must be in sealed containers;

v. Do not leave items in the sink or on the surfaces. Throw out disposables immediately and place dishware in the dishwasher immediately;

c. HALLWAYS: Stay away from others as you walk through the hallways, preferably the 6 feet minimum distance. This isn’t always possible so use the “rule of reasonableness.”

d. CONFERENCE ROOM USE: All persons using conference rooms are required to wear masks at all times.

i. Depositions: If on our premises, the rules will be structured on a case by case basis. At the very least, masks shall be worn until in the conference room;

ii. Meetings: All meetings will be conducted with physical distancing, i.e. persons will be wearing masks and will be no closer than 6 feet from each other;

iii. All file materials, papers, writing materials, food, drink, utensils, cups and flatware will be removed by the user immediately after use of the conference rooms;

e. FILEROOM: Only one individual should be in the file room at a time. Disinfect and sanitize as needed.


i. Wear your mask;

ii. Handwashing should take place frequently and certainly with bathroom use;

iii. If possible, people should use the restroom one at a time but at the very least using physical distancing


This policy shall be subject to modification, supplementation and revision from time to time within the exclusive discretion of LKG. Effective date June 1, 2020.

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