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Appellate Advocacy

Cases do not always end after trial. At LKG, our experienced attorneys have handled appeals at all level of the Federal and State Court Systems including all of Wisconsin’s Court of Appeals, Wisconsin Supreme Court, United States Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit and the United States Supreme Court. Understanding appellate issues is often best accomplished by the attorneys that handled the case from inception. At LKG, our lawyers continue their ardent advocacy through the appellate process using well researched and persuasive writing and oral argument. Appeals involve legal issues, an understanding of the law and most importantly, its applicability to specific situations. LKG handles a multitude of appeals annually and has participated in some of the most significant appellate decisions that have shaped Wisconsin’s legal landscape in medical malpractice and governmental immunity. Our litigation attorneys know that being litigator is much more than trying cases. It involves all aspects of the legal process. At LKG, our litigators include appellate advocacy as a paramount part of their respective practices.

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