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Professional Liability & Services

Any profession offering advice or services to a client has exposure to liability. At LKG, handling professional liability is what we do.

In addition to medical professionals, the attorneys at LKG have represented clients in other professional matters such as real estate brokers, lawyers, insurance agents, architects, engineers, IT professionals, and computer web and system developers. By focusing its practice on a wide array of professions and coupled with industry experience, LKG has a clear advantage over other firms when it comes to defending professional liability matters.

Whether the claim involves an error, omission or a disgruntled client, LKG is able to employ its knowledge and specialization to minimize disruption to its clients’ business and/or professional vocation.

In addition, the litigation experience of the attorneys at LKG allow clients to actively fight and defend disputed claims while still preserving their reputation and professional status. When professionals are sued, they should rely on other professionals. Defending the professions is the bread and butter of LKG.

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