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Medical Malpractice

Lawsuits against physicians, hospitals, nurses, pharmacists and healthcare providers are all too common. These actions challenge the reputation, experience and integrity of the providers involved. LKG has consistently been regarded as the premier medical and healthcare liability defense firm in Wisconsin.

Many of the lawyers at LKG have dedicated their careers to representing health care providers in alleged medical negligence matters and have the specialized training, skill, and understanding of the nuances of medicine to skillfully and successfully handle these case from the start through trial. Medical and healthcare malpractice cases are governed by distinct statutory schemes and rules that are inapplicable to other matters. As such, lawyers handling these cases must have the insight and knowledge to navigate these laws all while comprehending the specific medical issues involved. Medical related litigation is contentious and the stakes, both financially and personally, are often high. Due to the professional ramifications, settlement and compromised resolution are not frequently desirable or feasible.

No law firm in Wisconsin has successfully tried more medical malpractice cases over the past decade than LKG. Working closely with their clients, LKG utilizes a team approach to the defense of these matters ensuring that the medical provider’s voice is heard and their care is comprehensively defended. Expert witnesses are necessary and LKG tirelessly seeks to find nationally and internally renowned experts in an effort to present an effective, scientifically based defense.

LKG is also cognizant of the personal and professional toll these cases can have on providers and their focus is not just on the legalities but also assisting providers in managing the complications that come with the intersection of the law and medicine.

Medical malpractice suits spare no specialty and LKG has represented clients in almost all of them including obstetrics, anesthesia, pain management, infectious disease surgery, cardiology, cardiac surgery urology, orthopedics, gastroenterology, gynecology, family medicine, emergency medicine, critical care, neurology, neurosurgery, pediatrics, radiology, pathology, psychology, psychiatry, electrophysiology, radiology, pediatric neurology, pediatric emergency medicine, pulmonology, podiatry and internal medicine.

Additionally, LKG’s representation is not limited to individual providers and physicians. LKG has been involved in the defense of large hospital systems, community hospitals, rural hospitals, residency programs, walk-in clinics, urgent care facilities, private family practice clinics and dialysis centers. Much of the practice of medicine is handled by non-physicians and the lawyers at LKG have been leaders in representing physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, techs, medical assistants and other health care employees.

LKG practices under the belief that the standard of care must be defended. Good practitioners and good medicine require top tier lawyers and LKG is unparalleled in this specialty of the law.

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