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Medical Licensing & Agency Review

Not all legal issues involve a lawsuit. In fact, many times the most serious legal ramifications involving professionals, especially in the medical and dental arena, are attacks on their licensure to practice. Through their representation of health care professionals, the lawyers at LKG are intricately involved and adept at handling licensing board and other agency related complaints.

Licensing actions differ drastically from traditional litigation and typically involve State, Federal or other organizational reviews. The process requires in depth knowledge of procedure, standards and administrative code and statutory interpretation.

LKG has handled literally hundreds of licensing actions involving an array of professionals ranging from physicians, nurses, dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, physical therapists to non-traditional medical providers such as acupuncturists and massage therapists.

Further, LKG has been involved in JCAHO reviews, medical society inquiries, HIPAA complaints, Health and Human Service actions, WDA complaints and Medicare/Medicaid investigation and peer/institutional review proceedings. LKG is well aware that actions impacting a professional’s license place their livelihood and ability to practice their craft at risk. Utilizing their extensive experience in defending medical and dental professionals, LKG can successfully challenge these actions, bring providers back their peace of mind and efficaciously restore their practice.

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