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Healthcare Policy & Corporate Services

Behind the scenes, healthcare groups, practitioners, and clinics need advice on establishing appropriate policies, procedures and/or general advice on legal issues. In these situations, it is best to turn to lawyers that know the complete cycle of healthcare related legal ramifications. Why chose attorneys who have never seen the policies in play or who have never argued the purpose of a policy in front of a legal tribunal?

At LKG, our lawyers are adept at assisting in the creation of policies, protocols, and guidelines and have the personal foresight from defending healthcare providers to know how these policies can be used legally and in the practice of medicine. With firsthand knowledge, LKG has frequently been called upon to assist in the creation of internal policies that serve the needs of the healthcare providers and patients while holding up to legal scrutiny.

Whether it is establishing documentation protocols, situational policies or seeking advice as to the legalities of a certain guideline, LKG has the attorneys to assist in drafting, researching and creating internal medical regulations that comply with the applicable law and the real life practice of medicine.

LKG also specializes in the business and corporate aspects of medical practice. The lawyers at LKG have assisted clients in creating new practices, merging their practice, contracting with other specialists, joining a larger healthcare entity or simply providing guidance in the management of day to day operations.

The business side of healthcare is highly regulated and complex. Let LKG help navigate you through the maze of regulations while you focus on the most important thing, practicing medicine.

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