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Nursing Home & Assisted Living

Although similar and often intertwined with medical malpractice cases, the defense of nursing home and other assisted living facilities involves separate statutory requirements and issues that are exclusive to this medical setting. LKG has long represented nursing homes and assisted living centers with the same zeal and intensity afforded their other medical related clients.

With the allowance of increased and punitive damages in nursing home litigation, lawsuits against these facilities are on the rise. The lawyers at LKG, with their extensive and detailed knowledge of the specific state and federal regulations pertaining to nursing homes and assisted living centers, are consistently called upon by their clients to participate in a broad spectrum of legal matters such as agency reviews, audits, surveys, and litigation.

Working with the elderly, infirm and disabled places health care providers in nursing home settings at increased scrutiny and exposure to liability. Yet, these providers, who so honorably seek to help the sickest, frequently receive the least amount of praise. In their defense of these facilities, LKG comprehends this unfair dynamic and strives through their litigation strategies and hard-nosed approach to level the playing field and not bend to misguided public and media attention.

The attorneys at LKG are some of the most committed to demonstrating, proving and defending the benevolent care that nursing homes and assisted living centers provide to their patients.

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